Drug Trafficker Caught

This week’s article, from Natalie Zolten, details the arrest of a notorious Brazilian drug trafficker.  What do you think about the impact of the capture?  Read on or see Natalie’s blog in full.

Antonio Bonfim Lopes. Photo is linked to another article.

By: Natalie Zolten

Drug trafficker Antonio Bonfim Lopes was caught recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He was found in the trunk of a car trying to hide from police, who initially stopped the vehicle and told the driver to open the trunk.  He refused to do so, and said he would open the trunk at the federal police station.  However, he stopped the car on the way to the station and offered the equivalent of $11,400 if he could go free.  The officer said no, so the driver offered $572,000.  The local officers called the federal police who came and did a search, finding Lopes in the trunk.

Lopes was notorious in drug trafficking for some time, so things in Brazil will hopefully settle down a bit now that he’s arrested.  For more information, visit:  http://www.cnn.com/2011/11/10/world/americas/brazil-drug-capture/index.html



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6 responses to “Drug Trafficker Caught

  1. Thanks, Natalie. Did the arrest have anything to do with the fact that Rio de Janeiro is hosting two major sporting events soon? In other words, are the police trying to clean up the city in preparation for the expected tourist traffic?

  2. I’m glad to hear that they caught him. It’s a good thing he’s off of the streets. Antonio Lopes should stay in jail for a long time to set an example for other drug traffickers so that they won’t make bad decisions either.

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  4. I’m glad they caught him. Its good he’s out of the drug war; but does it really matter that they caught him because he can still control his gang in prison. I also would like to know if this has to do with any of the major sporting events like amay.

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