Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico City Hotel

This week, Alex King has written about the death of a flight attendant at a hotel in Mexico City.  The circumstances of the killing are not clear, but it’s hoped they will be uncovered.  The article points to disturbing questions about the safety of Mexican hotels, even of familiar chains like Hilton.  Read further if you’re interested, or see Alex’s blog at http://aking4ecspress.wordpress.com/.

By: Alex King

On Saturday, October 29, authorities were called to a Hilton hotel to investigate the death of a flight attendant. They evaluated him to be between 30 and 35 years old; the attendant, Nick Aaronson, had been struck multiple times. However, the Association of Flight Attendants said that there weren’t any safety breaches at the hotel. The AFA stated, “Until this matter is resolved, layover crews will be temporarily relocated to an alternative location.” Since there was no safety breach, they came to the conclusion that their crew members are at no risk. Nevertheless, they still want to be safe and avoid taking chances.

Authorities are still investigating the case, but recent reports say Aaronson was remembered for being “very popular” and “much-loved”. Hopefully, they can find the culprit of this homicide.

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12 responses to “Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico City Hotel

  1. Thanks for your article, Alex. Do they know anything more about the flight attendant’s death yet?

  2. What a tragedy.. I wonder if maybe the people within the hotel might have committed this crime? Or maybe his crew, who knows. I would like to know more about this and keep updated to see who the killer is!

  3. That’s really weird. It makes you wonder if the flight attendant was just a random victim or was a target. It seems strange, though, that this would happen during a layover.

  4. Thats just awful that he died. Do the police have any leads as to who the killer is and why they killed him?

  5. lhill4ecspress

    It’s horrible that a flight attendant died. I hope that they soon can identify the killer because the person is still walking. This could be dangerous for many other people in Mexico. I hope the person is found and that the airline is taking extra precautions to help protect their other flight attendants.

  6. This is very odd. Because the murder happened during a layover period, I wonder if this person was a target being tracked or just happened to be the victim. Hopefully the killer is identified soon because as Liza said, this could be dangerous for others in Mexico.

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  8. This article says a lot about how unsafe hotels can be. If a flight attendant can be kill during a layover, then anyone can. We have to be more aware of things like this.

  9. I hope they find the killer soon, and it is terrible that a flight attendant that was “loved” perhaps by family members and friends died. He may have even been murdered for no motive at all.

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  11. I really hate that in this world, innocent people are killed when they did nothing wrong. This is just awful. I hope they catch the killer.

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