Increased Tourism in Colombia

View of Cartagena, Colombia

Many Latin American countries have been ravaged by drugs and terrorism.  But at least one is making an economic comeback: Colombia.  Laura’s article discusses Colombia’s rise to tourism prominence and touches on the industry’s future prospects.

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By: Laura Dunngan

Recently, Colombia has seen a massive increase in its tourist industry. Ten years ago, tourism was waning severely, but it has since made a comeback. The increase won’t last forever, though: foreign airport arrivals and visitor spending growth have stabilized.

Foreign airline arrivals have doubled over the last decade, hotel construction is increasing greatly, especially among international
chains, and cruise traffic has quintupled since 2004.

These businesses began their decline as violence and terrorism increased, but improved security, coverage by foreign travel media, tax benefits, and a national “branding” campaign have inspired new interest in Colombia. The city of Cartagena has found the most benefit in the new tourism upsurge; thirty percent of its jobs are now tourism-related.

I am glad that the Colombian tourism industry has grown. I think it’s important that South American countries try to overcome the hardships brought by international drug wars and terrorism.

From the Los Angeles Times:



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19 responses to “Increased Tourism in Colombia

  1. Thanks for your article, Laura. What factors are causing tourism growth to taper off? Is violence increasing again?

  2. I agree with Laura, it’s good to see that some South American coutries are trying to overcome the hardships of drug wars and terrorism. Most of the news that we have seen has been about the drug wars, and it is nice to see that some places are trying (and succeeding) to overcome that. I’m glad that Columbians are working to increase tourism and better their country as a whole.

  3. lhill4ecspress

    I am very happy that Colombia is trying to open the country up for more tourism. However, I hope that drugs, terrorism, and other battles that the countries in South America are having to deal with won’t affect this new deal.

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  5. Thats great, I agree that it is great that they are opening their country more to tourism. I hope that the other South American countries can do the same and really crack down on drugs and violence in their countries.

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  9. Also, with all these new job opportunities in the tourism industry I bet the economy has picked up a lot there.

  10. That’s a good point. The economy could greatly benefit from this. I don’t know whether it is or not, but you’d think it is.

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  12. I think it’s a good thing that the tourist percentage is going way up but why is it starting to decline again?

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  14. Dylan I think the economy will benfit from this if the plan works out.

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  17. I think that the economy would definitely improve from the increased tourism.

  18. It’s great that tourism has increased in Columbia. They’ve made their security better so now more people will want to go to Columbia because they’ll feel a bit safer now. Columbia is a beautiful place to visit, so it makes me happy that tourism increased.

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